Using your wood chippers was easy, safe, but most importantly, efficient. I used to have an actual forest in my back garden, I don't anymore! Thanks for everything!

Wood Chipper Costs

Wood chippers are expensive pieces of equipment and they vary in cost due power and size. Generally the smaller a wood chipper is, the cheaper it will be and conversely the larger a wood chipper is, the more expensive it will be.

Generally the higher the cost of a wood chipper, the higher the quality is as well. Like when you buy anything, if you spend unwisely and go for a cheap option to save money, you'll probably end losing money in the long run by having a poor quality wood chipper that doesn't work properly.

Quality of the Wood Chipper

The cost of a wood chipper massively depends on the quality of the machinery. Quality is measured by a few things, with the main three factors being size, power and reliability. The higher the quality of the wood chipper, the more expensive it will be, therefore if you can only spend a small amount of money buying a wood chipper then it is probably best that you buy a small high quality model, instead of a large low quality model. After all, it is better to have a small wood chipper that works really well, than a large version that doesn't work at all.

In terms of quality and cost of a wood chipper, it will cost you more to buy wood chipper made by a well known brand but it's also a guarantee of quality, as long running brands with great reputations will always produce high quality products. However if you go for a less known brand when buying a wood chipper, it might be cheaper but more than likely lower in quality as well.

Renting a Wood Chipper

It would be impossible to give an exact figure of how much renting a wood chipper costs, but generally renting a large wood chipper for a week or month will almost definitely be cheaper than actually buying one.

One of the major disadvantages of renting a wood chipper, is that you might need to urgently use a wood chipper at short notice but could be unable to, as the place you normally rent wood chippers from have none available to rent, which is a massive inconvenience.

Buying a Wood Chipper

If buy a wood chipper permanently it will cost you a lot of money, but in the long run you will save money as it costs much more to keep renting every now and then. You'll also have instant access to a wood chipper, so you'll never be inconvenienced or left waiting when renting one.

However there are some disadvantages, such as maintenance, now you actually own the wood chipper, you'll have to pay for all repairs, when you rent a wood chipper and it breaks they will pay for repairs or at least part of it. Also you'll have to provide adequate storage, no matter what size the wood chipper is, if you don't keep in it a dry place then the cutting blades will rust, and if you don't keep it fully secure then it could get stolen.


Wood Chipper Costs