Using your wood chippers was easy, safe, but most importantly, efficient. I used to have an actual forest in my back garden, I don't anymore! Thanks for everything!

Who Uses Wood Chippers

People in all different walks of life use wood chippers, and that is also why there is a huge range of different types of wood chippers, each model varying in size, power and price. There are two main types of wood chipper, woods chipper that are used for large industrial or commercial jobs and also woods chipper that are used for typically smaller home and garden based jobs.

If you are looking to buy a wood chipper then it is vital you know the options available to you, and also the specific purposes of each type of wood chipper, otherwise you could end up buying a wood chipper that is not suitable for what you need it for.

Commercial Wood Chippers

You will instantly be able to recognise a commercial wood chipper as it will be mounted on the back of a truck and it will be very large. They are used in numerous professions, mainly by logging companies who seek to dispose of large amounts of cheap wood, as wood chippings are not only easier to transport than large tree logs but they can also be sold on, no matter how poor the wood is. Many farms and garden centres will buy wood chippings to create compost or simply add it to existing compost, to make it even more fertile.

Wood Chippers for Home Use

A lot of people own small wood chippers that they use with their gardens. If you have large trees in your garden that need thick branches taken off regularly then a small wood chipper comes in great use, you can easily turn large branches into wood chippings, which can be added to your compost heap or even sold to someone.

Wood chippers that are used for people's personal gardens are normally much smaller in size in comparison to commercial wood chippers, that is simply down to the fact most people don't need to process huge amounts of wood.

Should I Buy or Rent a Wood Chipper?

When it comes to choosing whether to buy or rent a wood chipper, it really depends on your own unique situation. If you are business who deals with huge amounts of wood, then it makes sense to permanently buy a wood chipper, since you'll be using it constantly and getting a lot of use out of it.

However if you are a business that moves around a lot, then taking a huge piece of machinery like a wood chipper with you everywhere might not be possible, in that case it makes much more sense to rent a wood chipper from job to job, that way you don't have to worry about transport or storage.

If you need a wood chipper for a small job in your own garden, then it makes sense to rent one as you'll rarely use the wood chipper and it's condition will end up deteriorating if you just leave it in your shed or garage. But if you have a garden with a lot of trees that constantly need clipping, then it makes sense to have your own wood chipper that you will frequently use.


Who Uses Wood Chippers