Using your wood chippers was easy, safe, but most importantly, efficient. I used to have an actual forest in my back garden, I don't anymore! Thanks for everything!

Wood Chipper

A wood chipper is an extremely useful piece of machinery that allows anyone to quickly and effectively turn wood and other garden waste into chippings for use as compost or fertiliser.

A lot of gardening organisations use wood chippers because they are an environmentally friendly way of recycling excess wood they have got from chopping down trees or simply removing large branches.

Wood chippings are also highly sought after as they can be used as compost to create highly fertile soil. Garden centres are also constantly looking to buy wood chippings as they can used by many property owners for their gardens.

Are Wood Chippers just for Commercial Use?

Whilst wood chippers are mainly used by large companies to recycle large amounts of garden waste, they can also be used by home owners too, however it is better to use a small model compared to the large truck mounted wood chippers most professional companies use.

Also if you only need a wood chipper for a few days, then the best option would be to rent one from a gardening firm or maybe from a garden centre if they offer that service, this means you won't spend huge amounts of money on a piece of machinery you'll rarely use.

Are Wood Chippers Dangerous?

Wood chippers are extremely dangerous when you are careless around them, it doesn't matter whether you are using a small one for home use or if you are using a large one for commercial use, if a wood chipper is strong enough to reduce wood into sawdust or chips then it can easily take someone's limbs off.

That is the extreme end of the dangers that you will face when using wood chippers, but there are lots of other dangers, such as wood becoming jammed in the machine, this could cause the chipper to actually explode if you don't kill the engine soon enough.

Also trivial dangers such as pieces of wood spitting out of the machine and hitting people in the face or eyes, because of this you should always wear a plastic visor when you are in close proximity to a wood chipper.

Where to Buy a Wood Chipper from?

Wood chippers are not cheap pieces of machinery and you shouldn't buy one from an outlet with a poor reputation, as you could end up buying a low quality wood chipper that may not do the job properly and could also be potentially dangerous.

The best place to buy a wood chipper from for commercial use is from a trade specialist that has been around for a long time and also has a good reputation. If you can get a recommendation for a trade specialist from a colleague in your industry then that is even better. Wherever you choose to buy from, make sure you get a full warranty and keep their contact information, just in case you need to ask them a question urgently or need to request a refund.

If you are buying a wood chipper for home use, then most of the large chain hardware stores will be able to provide high quality wood chippers, that are ideal for processing large amounts of garden waste.


Wood Chipper