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Wood Chipper Wheels

Many people would assume that wood chipper wheels are made for one job – to transport the wood chipper. This is completely the case although manufacturers invest a surprising but considerable amount of time in making decisions over wood chipper wheels, as the wrong choice could lead to a complete disaster. For example, significant tests are carried out on heavy duty machines that have to possess exceptionally powerful wheels that can stand their considerable weight. In these heavy duty machines the wheels could in fact be one of the most expensive parts and while the same will not be said for small wood chippers, it is still clear that wood chipper wheels are a vital part of the device.

Maintenance of Wood Chipper Wheels

Fortunately, unlike other parts of a wood chipper, the wheels are not an element that require regular maintenance. In the heavy duty wood chippers, the wheels are so large that they need to be checked as frequently as a user would monitor a car’s tyres. This means that they need to check the following:

  • Tyre pressure
  • External damage to the wheels

As a wood chipper is not moving as frequently as a car, checks on the wheels are not significantly important. Still, with tyres for the heavy duty wood chippers costing a large amount of money, users should always exercise caution and at least try and perform maintenance steps on their wood chipper’s parts every few weeks. For the smaller machines that are used less frequently, maintenance needn’t be carried out as regularly.

Featured Product: Carlton 2018 Series

This is an example of a product which uses the toughest of wood chipper wheels. The Carlton 2018 series is seen as one of the most elite wood chippers, with the machine capable of tackling the largest of jobs. However, with such ability, the machine is absolutely massive in size and weighs a staggering 11,700 pounds. Bearing this in mind, Carlton invested considerable amounts of research and money into recruiting the best possible wheels for such a machine. The result was the installation of four 6000 pound tyres, meaning that the weight of the machine is easily withstood.

Where to Purchase Wood Chipper Wheels

For heavy duty models, many machines utilise standard tyres that can be found on a lorry. For this reason, it is sometimes worth approaching a company such as Michelin or Nokian who are specialists in the field. In relation to the smaller wheels, the manufacturer of the wood chipper is almost certain to supply these.

Wood Chipper Wheels Summary

In conclusion, it should be understood that a great deal of thought goes into selecting the correct wood chipper wheels. The weight of the machine has to be considered and if an individual miscalculates this, the wood chipper could be significantly damaged. Fortunately, there is less importance focussed on the wheels of a smaller wood chipper and for this reason, many residential users should never have a problem when it comes to replacing their chipper wheels.


Wood Chipper Wheels