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Wood Chipper Spares

Wood chippers may cost a lot of money to purchase, but unfortunately the expenses do not stop there. Even though they are an expensive piece of equipment, users will regularly have to change parts if they use their machine frequently. For this reason, it is important to have wood chipper spares and if not, at least know where they can be located.

Parts of a Wood Chipper

The engine is undoubtedly the most expensive part of a wood chipper although fortunately, this rarely breaks down. If it does, it is very easy to get hold of the manufacturer as practically of these are still in business. However, it can sometimes be a little harder to replace the wheels and blades of the machine and that is why users should try and keep wood chipper spares.

Wood Chipper Wheels

If the wood chipper is of a large size, it is definitely recommended to hold at least one spare wheel. Heavy duty machines run on exceptionally high quality wheels and just like a car, it is always worthwhile to keep a spare. As many of them are large and sophisticated, it could take a long time to order one and this could mean that the wood chipper is unusable for this period.

Wood Chipper Blades

For those individuals or companies who frequently use their wood chipper, it is absolutely recommended to keep a spare set of blades. Due to the amount of stress that the blade endures while the chipper is functioning, they can become damaged very easily and most only last around fifty five hours. A replacement blade costs around £100 and while they are generally easy to locate, they will still take time to arrive from the manufacturer and for this reason every individual should keep at least one spare.

Older Wood Chipper Spares

It is very easy to acquire spare parts for modern wood chippers but it is a different story for those machines that are slightly older. For example, if an individual is looking for a low cost wood chipper a lot of people scour online marketplaces for second hand models. While this is certainly an efficient method of buying, it also means that the model being sold may not be manufactured anymore. For this reason, it is vitally important to at least acquire the information on where spares for this machine can be located. If this information is not supplied, it may mean that the wood chipper becomes very hard to use in the future when maintenance problems arise.

Wood Chipper Spares Summary

In conclusion, it is very important for an individual to acquire wood chipper spares, even more so for those people with older machines. While it can be very easy to locate the majority of wood chipper spares, delivery times can mean that it could even take a week before the part arrives. This means that the operator will temporarily not have access to their wood chipper, which could obviously be a huge hindrance for some individuals and companies.

Wood Chipper Spares