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Wood Chipper Machinery

Wood chipper machinery is exceptionally common in the agricultural industry although it also now starting to appear in other markets. The industry has certainly expanded rapidly in recent years and due to this; many companies are now targeting residential customers who simply require basic wood chipper machinery for their garden. Most of the time, these types of customers are simply trying to simplify the job of removing large pieces of wood away, although some also like to use the chips as a surface for garden paths.

However, while the residential market is certainly growing, it is tiny in comparison with the commercial sector. The majority of manufacturers have realised that the mark-ups for commercial wood chippers is ludicrously high, with some companies charging over £1million for a heavy duty machine. For this reason, the majority of manufacturers in the industry target their wood chipper machinery at large companies.

Wood Chipper Machinery Manufacturers

With wood chipper machinery being so varied, it is definitely worth highlighting which companies target the different markets. There is no doubt that practically all manufacturers look to direct their machines to the commercial industry, with the following firms being the big players:

  • Doppstadt
  • Carlton
  • Wallenstein

As stated before, the residential market is much smaller and many companies do not solely concentrate on this sector. Still, the following two manufactures are the leading companies in this part of the market:

  • Patriot Products
  • Liberty

Wood Chipper Machinery Types

There are a variety of types of wood chipper, with manufacturers constantly releasing new ranges of products to satisfy the growing needs of the consumer. While diesel and petrol models were seen as the most popular types several years ago, environmental pressure means that many customers are now turning to wood chippers that run on electric.

As well as been differentiated by the power source, wood chippers can also be classified into other groups. Heavy duty, residential, manual, leaf shredder and combination machines are also all available on the market.

Wood Chipper Machinery Prices

With so many different types of wood chipper machinery on the market, prices can vary drastically for each model. As explained earlier on in the article, some heavy duty machines can cost a company over £1million. In contrast, some residential users can pick up a basic wood chipper for several hundred pounds or less if they purchase it second hand. However, it should be noted that the price of wood chippers is constantly decreasing and this is probably due to the amount of companies that are now competing for custom.

Wood Chipper Machinery Summary

There is no doubt that users have an enormous choice when it comes to wood chipper machinery. Fortunately, the industry has now opened up to the residential sector which means individuals no longer have to rely on hire companies but can now purchase a wood chipper themselves. Still, there is no doubt that the commercial sector of this industry is the most lucrative and for this reason, the majority of manufacturers will be looking to concentrate more on their large scale machines.


Wood Chipper Machinery