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Wood Chipper Knives

Strangely, the main part of the wood chipper is referred to as two different terms. Some people decide to name the cutting mechanism wood chipper blades, while others prefer to use the term wood chipper knives. Whichever is used, they both mean the same – the part of the machine that allows the wood chipper to chip the materials that are processed through it.

Unfortunately, the knives in the wood chipper are also the part that requires the most maintenance. This should not come as a surprise, as this part of the machine is constantly under stress as it chips wood. It is thought that wood chipper knives will last an average of fifty five hours although this can be significantly reduced if the operator is using the machine to process words that are hard. On the flip side, users can extend the life of their knives by utilising simple maintenance methods.

Maintenance for Wood Chipper Knives

As well as performing maintenance on the knives for performance reasons, it is also an extremely safe practice. Knives in the machines commonly incur chips and cracks and if these are substantial in size, they can break and even cause injury during operation of the machine. For these reasons, it’s important to follow two main maintenance principals:

  • The operator should check each knife every time the wood chipper is used. They should mainly be checked for dullness or chips and cracks. If any are found that are fairly small in size, the operator can simply sharpen the knives instead of completely replacing them.
  • The knives should all be installed in accordance with the chipper’s specification. It is crucially important to make sure they are tight enough, both for safety and maintenance reasons.

Where to Purchase Wood Chipper Knives

It is a well known fact that knives commonly need replacing in wood chippers. For this reason, it is especially easy for a user to acquire knives for a modern machine. More often than not, the supplier of the wood chipper will be able to either provide the knives themselves or at least suggest sources where they can be purchased.

Unfortunately, some people have struggled with some older wood chipper models. For example, a company called Kemp used to develop the machines but are no longer in business. This means that it is exceptionally difficult to locate parts for their wood chippers and users are simply directed to locations such as online marketplaces.

Wood Chipper Knives Summary

This article has hopefully cleared the confusion regarding wood chipper knives and blades. The two terms refer to the same part and any industry expert will be familiar with either.

It is important for any person purchasing a wood chipper to enquire about any parts that may be needed in the future. Any buyer is almost certain going to require new knives in the future and while the vast majority of manufacturers will be able to supply this part instantaneously, others may not sell such items individually. What’s more, if any individual is purchasing a second hand model, they should also conduct research into the knives to see if they are readily available.


Wood Chipper Knives