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Wood Chipper Blades

The main part of a wood chipper is the blade. This is responsible for all of the cutting and for this reason, it is vitally important for the blade to remain sharp and not become damaged. Of course, through continued usage this is bound to happen and replacements will have to be purchased. Fortunately, these are readily available although some people may be slightly surprised at how expensive some blades can be. What’s more, contrary to popular belief, wood chipper blades don’t actually last that long with the average life of a blade thought to be around fifty five hours of use. This can be reduced further if the wood chipper has to cope with tougher types of wood such as maple.

Maintenance for Wood Chipper Blades

Users can at least extend the life of their wood chipper blades with some simple maintenance guidelines. It is recommended that the operator of a wood chipper checks the blades every day before use, following the principles listed here:

  • Each blade should be checked for chips and cracks, with any excess materials from previous use being removed. What’s more, the operator should also monitor the colour of the blade to make sure it has not become too dull.
  • Make sure that the blades are attached to the wood chipper properly. This should be done in accordance with the wood chipper manual, with all blades being tightened to the correct specification.

Once this has been completed, the operator needs to make a decision on whether or not the blades on the wood chipper need to be replaced. While some of the blades may possess cracks, only those with ones longer than one inch should be considered for replacement. If they are quite small, the operator can simply sharpen the area before reinserting the blade back into the machine.

Companies that Manufacture Wood Chipper Blades

With wood chipper blades needing to be replaced so often, practically all wood chipper manufacturers will supply additional parts for their machines. If they don’t, they will generally be happy to provide information on suppliers that do and if that fails, the following companies have become renowned for selling the items:

  • Rotatech
  • Steinstosser
  • Wes Spur

The Cost of Wood Chipper Blades

In relation to the cost of a residential wood chipper, some would say that wood chipper blades are relatively expensive. Customers can expect to pay over £100, with the commercial wood chipper blades demanding significantly higher fees.

Wood Chipper Blades Summary

It is clear to see that individuals should constantly monitor their wood chipper blades in the hope of prolonging their use. Unsurprisingly, the blade is the part of the wood chipper that comes under the most stress and it would be ridiculous to think that it could be a permanent fixture in the machine. With replacement parts being relatively expensive, it is absolutely vital that users of wood chippers constantly check their blades and make sure that they remain functioning for as long as possible.


Wood Chipper Blades