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Wood Chipper Parts

With wood chippers being such an expensive piece of machinery, it is important to have a grasp of the basic parts in case of maintenance issues. Fortunately, the majority of manufacturers have wood chipper parts readily available and they can normally be acquired almost instantly. This means that for the modern machines at least, there are very few maintenance problems and most issues can be resolved very efficiently.

Wood Chipper Blades

The wood chipper blade is the most common part of the machine. This should come as no surprise, with the blade constantly rotating while the machine is in motion. Unfortunately, with the blade featuring so much, it also comes under a lot of stress and this means that it frequently needs replacing. It’s thought that wood chipper blades last around fifty five hours although this could be significantly shortened depending on the type of wood that is being processed.

With the standard wood chipper blade usually costing over £100, users should make sure that they take proper care of their device. This means regularly checking the blades for any minor damage and also sharpening them if the need arises. If these tasks are performed, there is a much better chance of the blade lasting longer.

Wood Chipper Wheels

Wood chipper wheels rarely require replacing, although some will need to be maintained from time to time. With some heavy duty wood chippers using large rubber tyres, users should always check the pressure and make sure that the wheel has incurred no damage.

If the operator discovers that the wheel has suffered severe damage and needs replacing, extra care should be taken while looking for a replacement. Manufacturers invest a lot of time in selecting the correct wheels for their device and if they are replaced with the wrong type, the whole wood chipper may not be able to function.

Where to Buy Wood Chipper Parts

The majority of wood chipper manufacturers will make it very easy to purchase replacement parts. Many will supply the customer with this information when they buy the item and if they themselves do not have them, they will provide information to sources which do have them in stock.

Problems can arise when the wood chipper is very old. In these instances it is sometimes very hard to acquire parts and the best advice is to scour online marketplaces. Unfortunately, many of the older wood chip manufacturers cease to exist and this has meant that many people have struggled to find parts for certain wood chippers, with Kemp being a prime example.

Wood Chipper Parts Summary

In conclusion, it is important to hold at least some knowledge of wood chipper parts as certain elements of a wood chipper do need maintaining or replacing from time to time. Fortunately, it is easy to locate parts for practically all modern wood chippers, with dealerships or manufacturers usually having this information. For older models it can become slightly more difficult and this is one of the reasons why it is worth having a machine that at least runs on up to date technology.


Wood Chipper Parts