Using your wood chippers was easy, safe, but most importantly, efficient. I used to have an actual forest in my back garden, I don't anymore! Thanks for everything!

Wallenstein Wood Chipper

Wallenstein are an established wood chipper manufacturer, with their products featuring across North America, Europe and Australia. They develop a range of machines including wood chippers, wood shredders, log trailers and splitters although just like a lot of companies in the industry, Wallenstein do not sell their products directly themselves but instead appoint a range of dealerships.

Wallenstein Chipper Products

Wallenstein currently have five sub-brands of wood chippers. The manufacturer claims that each category is suited to different uses and potential customers should invest lots of time into analysing each one before making a purchase.

For the purposes of this article, two of Wallenstein’s main products will be analysed. The first is the CR60 and the size of this means that it is clear that the company have targeted the product at commercial consumers. It’s most impressive feature is undoubtedly the IntelliFeed system, which means that the machine automatically determines just how fast to process the wood to maximise results. The chipper also benefits from the following:

  • It can process wood that is up to six inches in diameter
  • It holds a 38 HP engine
  • It is easily portable, with systems in place to make the machine easily attachable to a trailer
  • It contains dual active rollers which combine with the IntelliFeed system to create the quickest and most efficient wood feed method

Alternatively, some customers may wish to purchase a much smaller wood chipper. Wallenstein devised the BX32s with these consumers in mind, with the machine being able to handle small wood chipping jobs extremely efficiently. It benefits from the following:

  • The ability to chip wood up to three inches in diameter
  • A PTO engine, meaning that the unit simply plugs into a tractor or any other device with PTO capabilities
  • An adjustable chute, providing for easy transportation

Wallenstein Chipper Shredder Products

Like many manufacturers in the market, Wallenstein also have a range of chipper shredders. There are currently just two models in the catalogue, with this being the BXM 32 and the BXMT 3209. Customers can also select to upgrade these products to higher specification if their needs demand such alterations.

Both of these products attach onto the back of trailers and in comparison with their standalone wood chippers, it would be fair to say that the chipper shredder range is not as powerful. While both models possess the same features that make the standalone Wallenstein wood chippers so efficient, the maximum chip capacity is four inches which could prove somewhat restrictive for some users.

Wallenstein Wood Chipper Summary

It is clear to see that Wallenstein have a hugely impressive product range that should satisfy the majority of commercial users. All of their wood chippers are built with efficiency in mind, with the IntelliFeed system being particularly impressive. However, most of their products are simply too large and advanced for most residential users and for this reason it would be fair to say that they are slightly one dimensional in their approach to the market.