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Vermeer Wood Chippers

Vermeer are one of the most established companies in the wood chipper industry yet despite this, their main focus is not on wood chippers but just general construction products. Their history spans back many years and having first opened in 1948, it would be fair to say they have plenty of experience in the manufacturing industry.

Their history is colourful to say the least and after founder Gary Vermeer created his first product in 1948, the company has grown tremendously and is now a multi-million pound organisation. They are continually developing new ranges of products and the very fact that they even have their own museum speaks volumes about their success over recent years.

Ranges that Vermeer Manufacture

The wood chipping range of products manufactured by Vermeer is actually a very small part of the company. In total, Vemeer manufacture around thirty different types of products and just two of these are related to the field of wood chipping. Whole tree chippers and brush chippers are these two markets, although the company have produced many models to fill these ranges.

Vermeer Whole Tree Chippers

Despite their reputation, Vermeer actually arrived in the whole tree wood chipper market relatively late. The company released their first range of products in this sector in 2010, meaning that in comparison to many of their competitive they do not possess hugely extensive experience. However, with that being said, the company are seen as one of the more reputable manufacturers of whole tree chippers and they are the first choice for many companies wishing to purchase such a product.

At the moment, their main product in the range is the WC2300 Whole Tree Chipper. Like almost every tree chipper, this is a machine that is specifically designed for the industrial market with its size and expense proving too much for the residential customer. It benefits from a hugely impressive array of features including the following:

  • The ability to chip wood that is up to twenty three inches in diameter
  • It runs on a 440hp engine
  • It allows the customer to alternate the speed for feeding wood
  • There are two types of knifes for the user to choose from depending on the type of job

Vermeer Brush Chippers

In contrast, Vermeer have significantly more experience in the brush chipper range. The company have manufactured these products for many years and currently have six models in this catalogue. The least powerful of this range is the BC600XL model and unlike the whole tree chippers that were previously discussed, this product is suitable for residential use. It is much less advanced than other machines that Vermeer manufacture, but it still possesses an interesting feature set:

  • The ability to chip wood that is up to six inches in diameter
  • An advanced system which automatically alters the speed of the machine depending on the severity of the current job
  • Durable wheels and a strong torsion axle to allow for easy transportation