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Timber Wolf Wood Chippers

Surprisingly, some people may not know this company as Timber Wolf. The establishment use this name as a brand for their manufacturing business, Environment Manufacturing LLP, which can cause confusion at times. However, whichever name is used to refer to them, there is no doubting their expertise in the field of wood chippers with the company being in the business since 1984. Since then, Timber Wolf have expanded to ranges other than wood chippers although they are still seen as something of a specialist in the industry.

In the UK they have been labelled as the country’s largest seller of commercial wood chippers, after managing to sell their 5000th model back in 2007. This is despite the fact that many foreign companies have arrived in the market in recent years with enormous budgets to invest in wood chipper ranges.

Timber Wolf Product Range

With Timber Wolf being such an established company, it will come as no surprise to hear that they manufacture many different types of wood chippers. Customers can purchase tractor mounted, shredders, tracked chippers, gravity feed and hydraulic machines from the company, with a variety of models being listed in each category.

The company boast that their Timber Wolf 150DHB is ranked as the most popular wood chipper in the commercial market. With the machine having a history spanning over thirteen years, Timber Wolf have perfected its development and the latest version possesses several highly impressive features:

  • It can chip wood that is up to six inches in diameter
  • It has a 35hp diesel engine
  • For those users that require portability, the machine can easily be towed
  • It has an output of four tonnes of wood per hour

Another popular machine that Timber Wolf manufacture is the 150VTR model. This wood chipper is slightly more advanced than the previous model and can be easily transported using the tracked movement mechanism. The feature set for this model is almost identical to the 150DHB although due to its tracked movement, it retails at a much higher price and will only be suitable for those commercial users who complete jobs through large areas.

Timber Wolf Hire

With all of Timber Wolf’s products being primarily designed for the commercial sector, the majority of them carry high price tags meaning that even some businesses may not be able to afford them as a direct purchase. Fortunately, the organisation has established a subsidiary company called Timber Wolf Hire which allows customers to simply hire the machine for a set period of time. There are a total of 500 wood chippers that can be hired, meaning that users should definitely be able to find the machine that is suited to their current job.

Timber Wolf Wood Chippers Summary

As the article has highlighted, Timber Wolf are a huge establishment who are classed as a major player in the UK wood chipper industry. Timber Wolf Wood Chippers have proved to possess some highly impressive features and while many retail for high prices, the company at least gives its customers the opportunity to hire products.