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Slack Chippers

One of the main problems with a wood chipper occurs when the drive belt becomes slack. This is what industry experts define as a “slack chipper” and the consequence is the wood chipper not functioning as efficiently as it should do.

What is a Drive Belt?

The drive belt generally only exists in the drum type of wood chipper. It aids the engine and also contributes when wood chips are being ejected from the machine. As the drive belt features so frequently while the wood chipper is functioning, it means that a variety of problems can occur if the drive belt becomes damaged.

What Happens if the Drive Belt Becomes Slack?

Users will instantly know if their drive belt has become slack, with the ejection of chips from the wood chipper occurring at a much slower rate. If the belt is completely broken, the wood chipper may simply not be able to eject any debris out of the machine. For this reason, it’s important to keep a check on the wood chip output and if it slows down, the drive belt should simply be tightened.

Where to Buy Replacement Drive Belts

The majority of wood chipper manufacturers are happy to assist customers with slack chippers. Many of them stock replacement drive belts themselves, with some even offering an installation service.

It is definitely recommended to purchase directly from the manufacturer if possible, as this will result in the replacement part being exactly the right match for the wood chipper. While it may prove cheaper to acquire a drive belt from other sources, there is no guarantee that this replacement will function with another wood chipper.

Unfortunately, it may not always be possible to acquire parts from the manufacturer. This could occur when the company simply doesn’t sell replacement parts, or if the wood chipper is an extremely old model and the manufacturer is no longer in business. If the former occurs, the first suggestion is to simply ask the manufacturer who their supplier is for the parts. They will often be more than happy to supply the details and will see this as a mandatory piece of customer service. If the latter occurs though, the scenario is a little more difficult. Users should firstly browse through spare parts websites and try and match the wood chipper specification with the one that the belt contains. The most important piece of information to match is the horse power as if the belt is designed for a different power it will not be able to function properly.

Slack Chippers Summary

In summary, slack chippers are a fairly common problem in the wood chipper industry. For this reason it is important for individuals to monitor the output shoot of their device closely and if there do appear to be problems, the drive belt should be checked immediately. More often than not it will simply require tightening although if it has become severely damaged, it is at least easy for operators to acquire a new part with most costing around £35.