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Mobark Chippers

Many people often search or talk about the Mobark range of wood chippers. However, there is actually no such company who produce these products. Instead, the individual is probably referring to the manufacturer called Morbark, who are a very well known company in the wood chipper industry.

History of Morbark

Morbark have established themselves as one of the most successful wood chipper manufacturers of the modern day. Since being founded in 1957, the company have grown tremendously and now have over five hundred employees.

Their history began through Norval Morey who, with the help of a patent, created a portable pulp wood debarker. Following the success of this product, Morey decided to form the Morbark company and this has since expanded into a whole range of other wood related products. They cover the recycling, sawmill, tree care and forestry markets, meaning that they have diversified emphatically and are now seen as one of the largest agricultural companies in the world.

Just like many manufacturers in the industry, Morbark no longer supply their products directly to customers. Instead, consumers must firstly locate a dealer who will then look to piece together the best package. For those customers that wish to take a look at the whole Morbark range, the company appear at many trade shows and always feature their most high profile products.

Feature Product: Morbark 22 Chiparvestor

One of the company’s most popular wood chippers is the 22 Chiparvestor. It would be fair to say that the model is nothing but a commercial, heavy duty machine which is only suitable for a certain segment of customers. The 22 Chiparvestor benefits from the following set of features:

  • The ability to chip wood up to twenty two inches
  • Customers have the opportunity of purchasing the product with an electric source of power or petrol
  • Depending on the engine, the Horsepower can reach up to 1050 HP
  • An operators cab which includes all of the modern features

Morbark Chipper Prices

Due to the enormous size, it will be of no surprise to hear the huge price tags that accompany Morbark machines. While dealerships will have to be contacted for exact figures regarding new models, customers can as much as £500,000 for a used machine. This suggests that new wood chippers by the company will be of an astronomical price and only the healthiest of businesses will be able to afford such an item.

Mobark Summary

In conclusion, many people mistake Morbark wood chippers for “Mobark chippers”. There is no company that exist named Mobark although due to the similarity between the names, customers are still likely to find information about Morbark by using the false term.

Just like a lot of companies in the wood chipper industry, Morbark have become renowned for making heavy duty machines that are only suitable for commercial users. While Morbark’s range of wood chippers is absolutely huge, the majority of these models are vast in size and will only be suitable for those companies that require a wood chipper for the most advanced jobs.