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Kemp Wood Chipper

Kemp are one of the oldest manufacturers of wood chippers and actually ceased trading a long time ago. Bearing this in mind, it is very hard to acquire a Kemp wood chipper and those that do will almost certainly be purchasing it second hand. What’s more, as well as being hard to locate, current users of the Kemp wood chipper are also experiencing many maintenance problems. As the company no longer exist, it is extremely difficult to find parts while support for the machines is exceptionally limited as well.

Featured Product: Kemp Chipper Shredder Master Gardener

This is one of the few Kemp products that can commonly be found on the internet as a used item, suggesting that it was once a very popular wood chipper. Its specification is certainly not bad and it would most definitely suit the majority of residential customers. It benefits from the following:

  • A 5 HP Briggs and Stratton engine
  • The ability to chip wood that is up to three inches in diameter
  • Excellent portability, with users having the option of attaching it to a tractor

With the machine benefiting from a Briggs and Stratton engine, customers are unlikely to suffer as many maintenance issues as they perhaps would with other models. Briggs and Stratton are the most popular wood chipper manufacture and bearing this in mind, it will be easy to receive support and parts if this section of the wood chipper breaks down.

Where to Buy Kemp Wood chippers

For those people who are desperate to acquire a Kemp wood chipper, there are fortunately several sources. The most common method is via eBay and even though the products are exceptionally old, there are many listings that feature them.

Similarly, eBay should also be scoured in relation to spare parts. A lot of the sellers on this auction website will have most likely upgraded their wood chipper to a newer model and will just be trying to rid themselves of their old Kemp machine and its parts.

Kemp Wood Chipper Prices

As the machines are so old, it will not come as a surprise to hear that they are not very expensive. You would have to imagine that this is the main reason why people search for the products, as they possess seriously limited features in comparison with newer models, as well as carrying various other drawbacks. With the average price for a used model being around £200 or less, there is no doubting their low price and this may suit a small section of the market perfectly.

Kemp Wood Chipper Summary

It appears as though there was once a time where Kemp was an established wood chipper manufacturer. However, they have now ceased to create new products and with that, owning one of their machines could become a big hindrance. There is no doubting the quality of their old models though and if a customer can put up with the various maintenance issues that could arise, they should be able to locate a Kemp wood chipper for an extremely low cost.