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Jimmy Chipper

While it is not a phrase coined by industry experts, the term “jimmy chipper” is slang for wood chipper. It is thought that the phrase was devised in England and while many people in the industry have not heard of it, the wood chipper is commonly referred to this name by a select few. With the wood chipper industry opening the market up to more residential customers in recent years, the jimmy chipper phrase is certainly growing.

Wood Chipper Manufacturers

There are a lot of companies that manufacture the jimmy chipper, although a lot of these firms mainly concentrate their efforts on the commercial sector. The following manufacturers can be classed as the major players in the wood chipper business:

  • Patriot Products
  • GreenMech
  • Doppstadt
  • Titan
  • Carlton

Commercial Wood Chippers

With commercial wood chippers being so sophisticated and large, the jimmy chipper phrase is probably not heard as much in this industry. The machines are anything but comical, with some even costing millions of pounds to purchase. The most advanced wood chippers can cut up to forty inches of wood, while some even possess remote controls and control booths. Of course, there are small commercial machines, but many of the large manufacturers concentrate on the heavy duty machines that can bring them hundreds of thousands of pounds in revenue.

Residential Wood Chippers

There is absolutely no doubt that the residential sector is a much smaller, but growing market of the industry. The jimmy chipper phrase is almost certainly heard in this field, which simply cater for home owners who need a small wood chipper. Most of the products in this market cost several hundred pounds to purchase and many will see this as a drop in the ocean considering the amount of time they can save.

Wood Chipper Types

So far this article has covered the commercial and residential wood chippers but there are in fact many more. Many potential customers are usually faced with the dilemma of purchasing an electric, diesel or petrol model, with all three carrying different benefits. There are also portable, towable and heavy duty wood chippers to name a few, with all being targeted at different individuals and companies.

Wood Chipper Prices

It has been mentioned how some wood chippers can retail from several hundred pounds, while others can be over £1million. Unfortunately, this is about specific as the market gets and there is no average price that can be attributed to a wood chipper. Even in the residential market, while some individuals will just pay a few hundred pounds, others could shell out thousands. In the commercial sector the gap widens further, with certain companies spending just a few thousand, while others will purchase a machine for millions.

Jimmy Chipper Summary

In conclusion, the jimmy chipper phrase is generally only heard amongst casual wood chipper users. It is a slang term and due to the scale of the commercial industry, it would be bizarre to hear any professional coin it.