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Jenson Wood Chippers

Unlike the majority of wood chipper manufacturers, Jenson do little to promote themselves and instead leave most of the work to their dealers. It is these dealers that market the Jenson wood chippers and even extensive searches on the internet will not locate much information on the Jenson brand. However, it is common knowledge that Jenson are one of the most established wood chipper manufacturers and while they may not publish much information regarding their company, industry experts know that their machines are designed in a highly sophisticated way that makes them completely reliable.

In the UK, Jenson have handed the main dealership rights to a company called Redwood UK. They are the only dealer in the UK to supply Jenson machines and having performed this duty since 1994, it would be fair to say that they have extensive knowledge in the field.

Jenson Wood Chipper Product Range

UK users can locate a variety of Jenson machines through Redwood. The company retail four different types of wood chipper:

  • Wheeled
  • PTO
  • Tracked
  • Bankmaster

Jenson Wheeled Wood Chippers

There are currently six models in the Jenson wheeled wood chipper range. Each machine possesses a very similar feature set, with one of the only differences being the size of wood that the chipper can process. The company currently offer wheeled chippers that can combat wood diameters of 6”, 7.5”, 8”, 9” and 10”.

Jenson PTO Wood Chippers

The PTO range from Jenson is very similar and just like in all of their catalogues, each machine is capable of chipping a different size of wood. In the PTO selection, customers have the option of purchasing a machine that can cope with 6”, 8”, 9”, 10” and 12” of wood.

Jenson Tracked Wood Chippers

The range of tracked wood chippers is slightly smaller, with the company currently offering four products in this selection. They are capable of chipping wood of a diameter of 6”, 7.5”, 8” and 9” which again gives the consumer plenty of options.

Jenson Bankmaster Wood Chippers

The bankmaster range of products are the newest from Jenson and with that, there is currently only one available. These particular machines are designed for the toughest terrains and this should mean that the demand is relatively low.

Jenson Wood Chipper Maintenance

With Jenson products being so hard to locate, it will be a relief to hear that it is extremely easy to find parts for the wood chippers. Again, they will come from Redwood which should ensure that they are of the highest quality. The company hold a specialist parts sales team which will make the acquisition of parts an extremely simple process.

Jenson Wood Chipper Summary

Jenson are one of the few companies in the wood chipper market who have made their market quite closed, with just one organisation in the UK being able to retail them. Despite this lack of availability, there is no doubt that all Jenson wood chippers possess considerable quality and with customers having an accessible maintenance team in Redwood, products from this company should definitely be considered.