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Wood Chipper Manufacturers

Many people would assume on first glance that the wood chipper industry is relatively small. However, the market is constantly growing and there are currently a huge amount of wood chipper manufacturers who are all specializing in different fields. Whether it is commercial, residential, PTO or electric wood chippers, the market is becoming saturated and this means that consumers are being handed more choice and lower prices.


Carlton are one wood chipper manufacturer who specialize in the commercial industry and nothing else. The company are renowned for their heavy duty machines which are classed as some of the most powerful in the market. With some of Carlton’s wood chippers selling for over £1million, it would be fair to say that the majority of their products are out of reach for the typical residential consumer.


Titan are one of the few manufacturers who base their operations in the UK. While they do ship to the rest of Europe, it is mainly the UK that benefits from their small range of products. At the moment they just have three wood chippers in their catalogue and unlike many of their competitors, all of these products are suitable for both the commercial and residential markets.


GTM are one of the most established wood chipper manufacturers and their range appears to target small businesses. With the majority of their machines retailing between £1,000 and £3,000, some residential customers will be able to afford their chippers although the main aim is most definitely the commercial market.


With almost fifty years of experience behind them, Doppstadt are undoubtedly one of the big players of the wood chipper industry. Out of the companies discussed so far, it would be fair to compare Doppstadt to Carlton with the company making some highly sophisticated commercial machines. With the wood chippers retailing for hundreds of thousands of pounds, this is another example of a wood chipper manufacturer who has ruled themselves out of the residential market.


Wallenstein are another company who appear to target their products at the commercial market. Many of their wood chippers are large in size and simply not practical for the residential sector.


Altec could be classed as one of the largest wood chipper manufacturers in the world. Their products reach over one hundred countries, although just like the majority of companies that have so far been discussed, Altec pride themselves on the development of large, heavy duty machines.


While Vermeer do manufacture some wood chippers, their main focus is on general construction products. At the moment the company only retail two types of wood chipper and both of these are only suitable for commercial users.

Wood Chipper Manufacturer Summary

This article has explained how saturated the wood chipper market has become. Despite this, it appears as though many of the manufacturers are targeting commercial users, which may come as no surprise considering the hundreds of thousands of pounds that can be charged for heavy duty machines.