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Honda Wood Chipper

Many people are under the impression that several of the largest engine manufacturers also develop full wood chippers. However, this is not the case and companies such as Honda simply design engines that will fit into other wood chippers. Many of the most established wood chipper brands use Honda for their machine engines, with the company developing a sterling reputation over the years for the development of some of the industry’s most reliable engines.

Companies that use Honda Engines

Many people are under the impression that a Honda wood chipper exists simply because the company have manufactured engines for so many of the industry’s largest brands. Research shows that the following companies have utilized a Honda engine in at least one of their machines in recent years:

  • Patriot
  • Wallenstein
  • GTM
  • Echo Bear Cat
  • Camon

Out of the above brands, it is undoubtedly Patriot that have used Honda for their engine development the most. With Patriot being seen as arguably the largest wood chipper manufacturer in the world, the fact that Honda creates the engine speaks volumes about the company’s reputation in the industry.

Seeing as Honda feature so much in Patriot wood chippers, this article will focus on the main Patriot machines which utilise this type of engine.

Patriot CSV-3090H

This is one of Patriot’s smaller products, yet despite its size and capabilities it still markets at the reasonably high price of £1,130. One of the reasons behind this large price tag could be the Honda GX engine which is included. This engine is renowned as being not only fast and efficient, but also very quiet which is becoming an increasingly important requirement. The wood chipper also benefits from the following features:

  • It can process wood that is up to three inches in diameter
  • It comes with a standard collection bag
  • It also contains a leaf shredder, with a separate compartment dedicated to this task

Patriot CSV-2540H

Retailing at around £825, the Patriot CSV-2530H is a slightly less advanced type of Patriot wood chipper. However, it still utilises the same type of Honda engine and is therefore classed as a very efficient piece of machinery. It also benefits from the following:

  • It can chip wood that is up to two and a half inches in diameter
  • Just like the previous model, it can also shred leaves
  • It weighs just 96 pounds

Honda Wood Chipper Summary

This article has established that while Honda are a well known company in the wood chipper industry, they don’t manufacture full machines themselves. Instead, many of the larger companies in the industry such as Patriot utilise their technology and implement their engines into their own machines. With Honda being such a recognised brand, it will come as no surprise to see that many wood chippers using their engines are more expensive than average. However, with Honda engines being renowned as being so reliable, this may be a price that some people feel is worthy of paying.