Using your wood chippers was easy, safe, but most importantly, efficient. I used to have an actual forest in my back garden, I don't anymore! Thanks for everything!

GTM Wood Chipper

GTM Professional are an extremely recognised brand in the wood chipper market and while their products are mainly targeted at the commercial industry, they are still affordable for residential consumers as well.  At the moment the company have five wood chippers that are in production although consumers can easily find older machines on online auction sites and the like.

GTM Wood Chipper Range

While GTM have five different products for sale, most of these products are very similar. For example, some of the products listed have been given the same item name but just utilise a different motor. This is the case with the GTS1300 series, which customers can purchase either as a petrol or electric start model. Similarly, consumers have the option of acquiring the GTS900 machine either with a standard petrol engine or with one powered by Mitsubishi.

Featured Product: GTS1300

While the GTS1300 can be bought through various different options, it will still benefit from a very similar feature set. The machine has been built for a variety of different uses and is suitable for both the commercial and residential markets. It benefits from an impressive list of features including the following:

  • The ability to chip wood with a diameter up to 3.35 inches
  • The option of purchasing the machine with an unleaded engine or one that uses electric as a power source
  • Extremely portable, with users simply being able to pull the machine by hand
  • Weighs just 165kg

Featured Product: GTS900

The name of this product may suggest that it is a little less advanced than the GTS1300. However, the specification is almost identical and customers will hardly be able to tell the difference. With that being said, consumers do not have the option of purchasing this machine with an electric power source. Other than that, the specification is very similar and reads like the following:

  • Can chip wood up to 3.14 inches
  • The machine can either be purchased with a standard engine or a Mitsubishi one
  • It benefits from the same portability features as the GTS1300
  • Weighs just 132kg

GTM Wood Chipper Prices

With GTM wood chippers being mainly targeted at the commercial market, their prices are quite high with the average machine costing just over £3,000. However, this is not completely out of range for the residential consumer and bearing in mind the reputation and quality of GTM machines, some individuals may decide to pay slightly more in order to acquire a machine that is going to require little in the way of maintenance.

GTM Wood Chipper Summary

In conclusion, it is clear to see that GTM’s range of wood chippers is small yet they have invested a considerable amount of time into each device. The very fact that each wood chipper comes with different engines gives a great array of options to the consumer. What’s more, while the company make no secret of the fact that their products are targeted at the commercial market, the price of a GTM wood chipper is probably just going to be affordable for the average residential customer as well.