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Greenest Wood Chipper

There is absolutely no doubt that wood chippers are a hugely useful piece of equipment which saves operators many man hours. However, the majority that have been developed over the recent years carry huge engines and with that, many are extremely poor for the environment. Fortunately, several companies are starting to produce greener machines in a bid to combat this pollution.

The company that has arguably been the most successful in creating the greenest wood chipper is GreenMech. As their name suggests, their main focus is to manufacture green wood chippers and through this philosophy they have established themselves as one of the big players in the market.

GreenMech Product Range

While GreenMech also specialise in the green waste shredders field, their main success has been in the wood chipper industry where they currently manufacture fourteen products. Even though many of these products use petrol and diesel engines, the company have implemented technology which allows the wood chippers to perform in a much more environmentally friendly way.

GreenMech Eco-Combi

The Eco-Combi model from GreenMech is perhaps one of the company’s more interesting products. The company have made the environment their first priority in this machine, implementing many features to make the machine work as efficiently and clean as possible. It acts as both a shredder and wood chipper and also benefits from the following features:

  • 35hp water cooled diesel engine
  • The ability to chip wood that is up to six inches in diameter
  • The ability to shred materials that are up to two inches in diameter
  • Utilises 3.5L of fuel per hour

GreenMech Quadchip 160

In a further attempt to make the greenest wood chipper range, GreenMech released the Quadchip 160 with the aim of reducing noise pollution significantly. Despite possessing vast power, the machine creates little noise and fully conforms to all new environment legislation. As well as benefiting from these environmental issues, the machine is also very technically sound and holds the following feature set:

  • The ability to chip wood that is up to 6”x9” in size
  • A turbo diesel engine
  • Four different blades, making for a much more efficient chipping system
  • Many of the chutes and features fold to provide for simple portability

GreenMech Prices

Those consumers looking to purchase the greenest wood chipper may be under the impression that they have to pay large prices. Unfortunately this is exactly the case and the vast majority of GreenMech machines retail for thousands of pounds. With some even surpassing the £20,000 figure, some customers may opt to purchase a second hand model.

Greenest Wood Chipper Summary

This article has hopefully highlighted that the wood chipper industry is attempting to at least minimise the effects the machines have on the environment. Companies such as GreenMech have released many different models that are an improvement, yet there is of course a long way to go. For those users who are on a budget and cannot afford a machine from GreenMech, it may be worth looking at electric wood chippers which are obviously much greener.