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Gravely Wood Chipper

Gravely are a company based in the US and while they have produced several wood chippers in recent years, their range is very small and they mainly concentrate on the lawn mower industry. Those people who own a Gravely wood chipper are likely to have purchased the machine many years ago and because of this, many owners are struggling for support and maintenance regarding the products.

Products that Gravely Manufacture

As stated above, Gravely now mainly concentrate on the development of lawn mowers. However, they have breached into other fields with the company also offering the following products:

  • Power brushes
  • Log splitters
  • Edgers
  • Debris blowers

Featured Product: Gravely Pro Chip 210

It is extremely difficult to locate Gravely machines and it is almost a certainty that anyone wishing to purchase one will have to acquire it second hand. The Pro Chip 210 is one of their older machines and for this reason it does not possess the features that many modern wood chippers hold. However, it still benefits from the following:

  • It has a wood chip capacity of six inches
  • Benefits from a Briggs and Stratton gas engine
  • Completely portable with durable wheels

Featured Product: Gravely Pro Chip 625

As the name suggests, this Gravely wood chipper is a slightly newer model than the one discussed previously. Despite this, the feature set is almost identical and the only difference is that Gravely have attempted to make the engine and chipping mechanism more efficient. As the following specification will highlight, the features are extremely similar:

  • The machine has a maximum chip capacity of six inches
  • It benefits from a Pitta Diesel engine
  • Just like the Pro Chip 210, it is completely portable with a towing bar included

Gravely Wood Chipper Prices

As the article has suggested, it is almost impossible to locate a new Gravely wood chipper. The company no longer provides any information on these products and it appears as though they have completely abandoned their range. For this reason, those individuals wishing to purchase one of these machines must look to buy one second hand. Even though they are incredibly old and do not benefit from any modern features, second hand prices are still expensive and customers can expect to pay at least £1,500 for a standard machine. This is the absolute base rate and some people could pay up to £10,000 for an advanced Gravely wood chipper.

Gravely Wood Chipper Summary

In conclusion, it is advised not to purchase a Gravely wood chipper. The company do not hide the fact that their main focus is now on lawn mowers and while they do stock some other items, they do not list any wood chippers available and support for such machines appear to be extremely limited. With the machines also being exceptionally old, there is absolutely no doubt that better and more advanced wood chippers can be purchased at a much lower cost. With these also having various maintenance and support options, the general advice is to avoid Gravely in relation to wood chippers.