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Doppstadt Wood Chipper

Founded in 1965, it would be fair to say that Doppstadt possess significant experience in the wood chipper industry. Like the majority of companies in the industry, Doppstadt started as a family project but soon progressed into a huge firm that is now regarded as one of the most established wood chipper manufacturers in the world. While most of their administrative work takes place in Germany, their operations span across the world and every country should be able to benefit from a Doppstadt wood chipper.

The Doppstadt range of wood chippers is undoubtedly targeted at the commercial market, with their machines being designed for large scale jobs.

Doppstadt Range of Products

Like most companies in the industry, Doppstadt don’t just concentrate on wood chippers and market several other similar products. They are also renowned for their range of wood shredders, while the company also manufacture combined machines that take care of both shredding and chipping.

Featured Product: Doppstadt DH 608

The company’s smallest wood chipper is the DH 608. However, while it may be the smallest product in the Doppstadt catalogue, it still massive in size and is far too large to be used by a residential customer. Unsurprisingly, it possesses a hugely capable feature set which reads like the following:

  • It can process wood up to a diameter of twenty three inches
  • Uses a Mercedes-Benz 490 HP motor
  • The product comes with a remote control for simple operation

Featured Product: Doppstadt DH 910

As the name may suggest, the DH 910 is significantly more powerful than the product previously explored. The machine can process wood of a much larger size and also benefits from the following features:

  • It has a huge wood chip capacity that can process materials up to thirty five inches in diameter
  • Runs on a Mercedes-Benz 598 HP motor
  • The control panel is extensive and even allows the user to alter the size of the chips

Doppstadt Wood Chipper Prices

As this article has probably highlighted, Doppstadt wood chippers are huge machines that are capable of performing the toughest tasks. Bearing this in mind, there is absolutely no doubt that they are only suited to the commercial market and this means that the price tags are quite big.

Like many of the large manufacturers in the industry, Doppstadt do not sell their products directly and have instead appointed a range of dealerships. Unsurprisingly, these dealerships do not publish prices and will instead insist on appointments with companies who can then negotiate. However, with some used Doppstadt machines being on the market for over £200,000, it should give a very good indication on what one could pay.

Doppstadt Wood Chipper Summary

In conclusion, Doppstadt are undoubtedly another wood chipper manufacture who develop heavy duty machines. Their products are capable of processing huge amounts of work and with that, they are only open to a very small market who are lucky enough to be able to afford such a device.