Using your wood chippers was easy, safe, but most importantly, efficient. I used to have an actual forest in my back garden, I don't anymore! Thanks for everything!

Carlton Wood Chippers

Carlton claim that they are one of the most desired manufacturers in the wood chip industry, with their products being sought by the most prestigious of customers. As well as making wood chippers, Carlton are also experts in the stump cutters market and their catalogue features many of these products.

Carlton Wood Chipper Product Range

Carlton currently manufacture two types of wood chipper; the disk and the drum style. In total, they have eight products with the disk category taking up the majority of these. Their wood chippers range from having wood chip capacities from six to eighteen inches, meaning that they certainly cover a wide market. With that being said, many of their wood chippers are extremely large in size and this suggests that they are mainly targeting the commercial and industrial fields.

Featured Product: Carlton 2018 Series

The Carlton 2018 series is the largest product in the company’s disk style catalogue and can only be classed as a heavy duty machine. It is designed for the largest wood chipping jobs in mind and benefits from the following feature set:

  • A feed table that has been supplied with extra strength to cope with the heaviest of trees
  • The ability to process wood that is up to eighteen inches in diameter
  • Offers easy portability, with the machine being easily and safely attached to a tractor or another strong vehicle. It also contains heavy duty tires that are more than capable of taking huge loads
  • A John Deere 170 HP turbo Diesel engine

Featured Product: Carlton 660 Series

While the previous product was the company’s most advanced machine, the Carlton 660 model is the smallest in the manufacturer’s catalogue. Despite holding fewer features, the Carlton 660 is still hugely advanced and would only suit a commercial customer. It contains the following features:

  • Holds a chipping capacity of six inches
  • A feed table that folds to allow for ultimate portability
  • Durable wheels and an advanced towing system
  • A Kohler Model 27 HP engine

Carlton Wood Chipper Prices

Consumers will not be surprised to hear that Carlton products retail at exceptionally high prices which will be completely out of range for all residential customers. The largest Carlton wood chippers can sell for tens of thousands of pounds and this even means that some companies resort to hiring the wood chippers instead of an outright purchase. While the less advanced models are slightly lower in price, they are expensive as well and will only appeal to those businesses that are relatively large in size.

Carlton Wood Chipper Summary

In conclusion, it is clear to see that Carlton pride themselves on making the most advanced wood chippers for commercial users. All of their machines are exceptionally large in size and unsurprisingly, this means that they carry huge price tags. However, the company have become renowned for their manufacturing practices and anybody that can afford to purchase one of these wood chippers will undoubtedly have an extremely competent piece of equipment on their hands.