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Bandit Wood Chipper

There is no doubt that Bandit are one of the most established manufacturers in the wood chipping industry. Since releasing their first product in 1983, the company have grown tremendously and now employ three hundred people to take care of their vast product range.

It would be fair to say that the majority of Bandit’s products are targeted at the commercial market, with the company renowned for manufacturing large machines that tackle the toughest of wood chipping jobs. While some companies have opted to change direction and concentrate their efforts on smaller machines that will be more suited to the expanding residential market, Bandit have always manufactured the large wood chippers and if anything, their products just keep increasing in size!

Range of Products

Bandit may mainly concentrate on the commercial market, but they still cover a variety of different sectors in this sector. The company hold ranges of products in the following categories:

  • Hand fed chippers
  • Hand fed track chippers
  • Stump grinders
  • Whole tree chippers
  • Forestry mowers
  • PTO drive chippers
  • Horizontal grinders

Bandit Whole Tree Chipper Model 1850

This whole tree chipper model from Bandit highlights just how powerful the company make their machines. The model can be classed as nothing but heavy duty and with that, it is solely designed for commercial and industrial use. It benefits from a vast array of features including:

  • The ability to cut through wood that is up to eighteen inches in diameter
  • A system which allows whole trees to be pulled into the chipper automatically
  • An engine of 325 hp
  • A feed rate of 96 FPM

Bandit Drop Style Chipper Model 490XP

A slightly smaller product in the bandit range is the 490XP. While the previous wood chipper was designed more for large scale use, this is a significantly cheaper model and possesses the features to be suitable for residential uses. It benefits from the following:

  • The customer can decide to purchase the device as PTO or a simple push machine
  • It possesses the ability to chip wood that is up to four inches in diameter
  • It’s discharge system benefits from 360 degree rotation

Bandit Wood Chipper Prices

Like many manufacturers, Bandit do not retail their products themselves and instead market them through dealers. While the company do manufacture some machines that could be used on residential jobs, most of the time the prices are simply too high for individuals to pay. Some of the large scale Bandit machines can cost around £100,000, while the average price appears to be over £10,000.

Bandit Wood Chipper Summary

To summarise, the Bandit wood chipper range is undoubtedly mainly targeted towards the commercial sector. The products that the company manufacture are designed for the largest possible jobs and the very fact that they can cost so much supports this. Considering how expensive the machines are, some companies may only have the option of hiring them for each individual job they perform.