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Alter Wood Chipper

A common mistake in the wood chipping industry is related to the manufacturer Altec. Many people mistake their name and the consequence is that many questions arise over the “alter wood chipper”.

For this reason, this article will deal with the Altec brand of wood chippers. The company is seen as one of the major players in the wood chipping industry, with its products reaching over one hundred countries. They have been established for over eighty years and they do not focus primarily on wood chippers, but hold several subsidiary companies which deal with different markets. As well as offering products, the company also run various training courses that help provide businesses with the necessary knowledge to use their machines.

Altec Product Range

The company currently have eight products in their wood chipper range, with the majority of these being controlled feed machines. All of their wood chippers benefit from advanced feature sets and this means that many carry high prices which are just not affordable for the typical residential consumer.

Featured Product: Altec DC1820

This is the company’s most powerful product and unsurprisingly, it also retails for the highest price as well. It benefits from a hugely impressive feature set which includes the following:

  • A disc cutter with the ability to chip wood that is up to eighteen inches in diameter
  • Various parts of the machine fold to allow for easier transportation
  • A feed rate of 70 fpm
  • A 173 HP John Deere Diesel engine

Featured Product: Altec WC166A

While the previous product analysed is classed as Altec’s most powerful wood chipper, this next one in contrast is their least advanced model. The machine is much smaller although it will still suit many businesses, with the chipper possessing the following features:

  • The ability to process wood that is up to six inches in diameter
  • The machine adapts significantly to allow for easier transportation
  • It contains a 48 HP Kubota Diesel engine, although customers can select more powerful engines if their needs demand this

Altec Wood Chipper Prices

Altec make no secret of the fact that their products are targeted at the commercial market. To gain a full insight in their prices, the company ask that potential customers contact them so they can attempt to create an affordable package. For those consumers who are not interested in a new machine, there are many second hand Altec wood chippers available on the internet. The very fact that these used machines retail for thousands of pounds highlights just how respected Altec are in this industry.

Alter Wood Chipper Summary

This article has highlighted the common mistake regarding the alter wood chipper phrase, with many people mistaking this for the hugely established Altec brand. Altec are seen as one of the major players of the wood chipping industry and their products are commonly purchased by commercial customers. What’s more, the company also invite customers on training courses which will mean that users will get the absolute maximum from their Altec machine.