Using your wood chippers was easy, safe, but most importantly, efficient. I used to have an actual forest in my back garden, I don't anymore! Thanks for everything!

Wood Chipper Faqs

With the wood chipper industry being so technologically advanced, it will be no surprise to hear that so many people struggle to grasp various concepts. Bearing this in mind, the following list of wood chipper FAQs should hopefully assist the average user in the majority of queries they could be faced with.

What is a wood chipper?

A wood chipper is a machine that will take a large piece of wood and reduce it into small chips.

Why do people use wood chippers?

There are a range of different reasons why an individual would use a wood chipper. For many companies and individuals, the use of a wood chipper will simply minimize the wood waste that they are generating. For example, if somebody was clearing an area, rather than cutting down trees and transporting them away they would instead be simply moving bags of wood chips. Obviously, this is a much easier method.

Many residential users are recycling their wood through the wood chipper. A lot of people like the idea of garden paths being made from wood chips and the wood chipper makes it extremely easy to achieve this style.

Is there more than one type of wood chipper?

It is easy to lose track of the different types of wood chipper, with the industry having so many. The following are the most popular types of wood chipper:

  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Heavy duty
  • Diesel
  • Electric
  • PTO

Should you rent or buy a wood chipper?

Unfortunately, the majority of wood chippers are extremely expensive. Even the smallest machines cost several hundred pounds to buy, while some of the heavy duty models can sometimes cost over £1million. Bearing this in mind, the customer should firstly consider how often they are going to use their machine. If it will be frequently used, it will only make economical sense to purchase the machine outright. However, if it is only going to be utilised sparingly, it may be an idea to hire the device.

What is the best power source for a wood chipper?

This is a hotly debated question and the answer will depend on the customer’s circumstances. Diesel and petrol motors will obviously provide the most power, but the downside to this source is the noise and environmental pollution that they generate.

Electric wood chippers on the other hand immediately solve the pollution issues that the other types of chipper bring. However, there is of course a drawback, with these models being significantly less powerful and probably not suitable for large scale jobs. What’s more, an individual will always have to locate an electrical outlet to run one of these machines.

For those customers that have the option, the PTO power source could be a good choice. This simply plugs into a tractor and it also means that the wood chipper is much more portable than normal.

Are second hand wood chippers easy to find?

Fortunately, most types of wood chipper are easy to locate second hand. Online marketplaces and agricultural auctions regularly feature these machines, although it may be more difficult to find the heavy duty models which are much higher in price.


Wood Chipper Faqs