Using your wood chippers was easy, safe, but most importantly, efficient. I used to have an actual forest in my back garden, I don't anymore! Thanks for everything!

Wood Shredder Chipper

Over recent year’s wood shredder chippers have become increasingly popular and instead of simply being a piece of equipment for agricultural companies, many home owners are now purchasing them. They save considerable time for those people who have large gardens with lots of trees, as the wood shredder makes light work of a job that would previously take a long period of time to complete. What’s more, using the chips that are generated from the shredder, many home owners are also opting to use the wood as a surface for paths. This draws the conclusion that a wood shredder chipper is not only an item that will save time, but it can also save money for people as well.

Companies that Manufacture the Wood Shredder Chipper

With the wood shredder chipper market growing so quickly, it will come as no surprise to hear that there is a large selection of companies who manufacture the products. Many of these companies specialise in a particular type of shredder, with consumers having many options with electric, diesel, heavy duty and portable types being just some of the varieties. The following companies are classed as some of the more well known manufacturers of wood shredder chippers:

  • Patriot
  • Flowtron
  • WORX
  • DEK
  • Yardbeast

Featured Product: Patriot Products CSV-2515 Electric Chipper

With this product retailing at around £575, this could be described as one of the average wood shredder chippers on the market. While the most unique feature of the product is its use of electric as a power source, it also benefits from several other special points:

  • The design of the machine means that it is possible to shred leaves, making the product versatile for those users who have big gardens
  • The motor in the product is extremely quiet due to the electric power source
  • The electric means that the product is also environmentally clean
  • The product can cut branches that are up to 2.5 inches in diameter
  • Weighing at just 95lbs, the product can easily be transported

Wood Shredder Chipper Prices

The featured product above had a retail price of £575 and in comparison with other wood shredder chippers, this appears to be an average figure. While online marketplaces can offer the products for as little as £300, a brand new machine from an established manufacturer is likely to cost slightly more. What’s more, people can actually pay over £1000 if they want a wood shredder chipper with all the modern features.

Wood Shredder Chipper Summary

To conclude the article, it is clear that wood shredder chippers are become an extremely common piece of equipment. They save considerable time for those with lots of trees in their gardens, while they can also provide an excellent garden path surface for a low cost. While it can cost several hundred pounds to purchase one of these items, many individuals will see this as cost worth paying bearing in mind the time that a wood shredder chipper saves.