Using your wood chippers was easy, safe, but most importantly, efficient. I used to have an actual forest in my back garden, I don't anymore! Thanks for everything!

Towable Wood Chipper

The towable wood chipper is an extremely popular type of machine although it is rarely labelled this name by industry experts. Instead, the towable wood chipper is coined many other terms, with the PTO wood chipper being the most common alternative. The purpose of the towable wood chipper is quite self explanatory, with this machine being exceptionally portable and easy for the user to transport. Bearing this information in mind, it will be no surprise to hear that this type of wood chipper is becoming increasingly popular amongst all types of consumer.

Companies that Manufacture the Towable Wood Chipper

Many companies and individuals now make portability as one of their main requirements when choosing a wood chipper. For this reason, the market for towable wood chippers is becoming increasingly saturated and it will not be difficult for a consumer to locate a manufacturer of this machine. Unlike certain types, it is unlikely for a towable wood chipper to be available in typical DIY stores, yet they are still easy to purchase with many manufacturers selling them directly. The following companies are renowned as some of the most established manufacturers of the towable wood chipper:

  • Dr Power
  • Merry Mac
  • Vermeer
  • Timberwolf
  • Altec

Out of the above, Dr Power are seemingly the largest brand with the company manufacturing many products that fit the towable wood chipper market. Many of the others mentioned do supply these machines, but their main focus is on other areas of the market.

Featured Product: Dr Power 18HP Road-Towable

With Dr Power being one of the larger brands of the market, the featured product will focus on this 18HP machine. The machine can easily be attached to another vehicle while it also benefits from an extensive feature set:

  • The ability to chip wood that is up to 4.5 inches thick
  • Contains a Briggs and Stratton commercial engine
  • Contains a two inch ball coupler to make towing simple
  • Comes with a two year residential warranty

Towable Wood Chipper Prices

While consumers can purchase a towable wood chipper for less than £1,000, the majority of machines cost several thousand pounds. Like with all machines in the market though, consumers can opt to buy a machine second hand. It is difficult to locate such an item on online marketplaces, but agricultural auctions contain many of these machines as farmers in particular look to upgrade to the latest devices.

Towable Wood Chipper Summary

In conclusion, the towable wood chipper is an exceptionally useful device for those individuals who require frequent use of their machine. Due to their portability, these machines are mainly going to be suited to commercial users who require the chipper across an array of different jobs. What’s more, with many new towable wood chippers being priced at thousands of pounds, it means that the average consumer is unlikely to be able to afford one. Instead, the typical residential consumer should probably set their sights on smaller machines that can simply be loaded into the back of a car rather than towed.