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Pot Wood Chippers

Contrary to popular belief, a standard wood chipper will be able to handle the demands of pot wood. Many industry experts rarely define a machine as a pot wood chipper as any regular wood chipper can be used on such a material.

Strangely, the term “pot wood chippers” is often mistaken with the PTO type of wood chipper. This is an extremely common piece of machinery and while some people may in fact be referring to a wood chipper that works with pot, more often than not they will simply be mistaken and will actually mean the PTO wood chipper while using this term.

The PTO Wood Chipper

As the majority of people who coin the pot wood chipper term will be referring to something different, the article will now concentrate on the alternative meaning.

A PTO wood chipper is becoming increasingly popular as these types of machine do not require the use of electrical outlets, gas or even petrol to function. Instead, the machine will plug into a tractor which not only solves the problems provided by other types of models, but it also allows the machine to be fully portable.

Companies that Manufacture PTO Wood Chippers

PTO wood chippers are quite specific and for this reason, not every wood chipper manufacture will have them available. However, a select few that do and at the moment, the following companies can be classed as some of the main suppliers of this type of wood chipper:

  • Liberty
  • Salsco
  • Hudson
  • Dr Power
  • Merry Mac

Featured Product: Liberty Professional Series 8" PTO

As the name may indicate, this PTO wood chipper by Liberty allows for any wood up to 8” in diameter to be chipped. The product also benefits from many more useful features as explained here:

  • A flywheel speed of 1220 r/m
  • The machine is made out of high carbon steel
  • A system that allows wood to be automatically fed into the machine
  • A manufacturer’s warranty of two years

PTO Wood Chipper Prices

One would think that PTO wood chippers would be fairly expensive considering how powerful and portable they are. However, the product above only retails for £1,635 and considering the advanced features that are included in that, customers will be able to purchase other PTO wood chippers for much less.

Pot Wood Chipper Summary

In summary, people are often mistaken when they talk about pot wood chippers. While a select few may simply be referring to wood chippers that deal with pot wood, most will actually mean PTO wood chippers. As this article has highlighted, these are an extremely useful machine, particularly for farmers. The fact that they are powered simply by a socket in a tractor means that the hassle involving petrol and electric sources is completely eradicated. What’s more, and this is probably due to the fact that the device does not contain a large motor, is the fact that this type of machine is extremely powerful yet costs very little in comparison with other types of wood chippers.