Using your wood chippers was easy, safe, but most importantly, efficient. I used to have an actual forest in my back garden, I don't anymore! Thanks for everything!

Portable Wood Chipper

Some people will see the wood chipper as an invaluable piece of machinery, with the device saving amazing amounts of man hours. However, while a standard wood chipper is undoubtedly extremely useful, some will be absolutely ineffective if they are not portable. Fortunately, many manufacturers have started to develop a portable wood chipper and this solves this problem instantly. What’s more, there are many different types of portable wood chippers, with some being designed for industrial use, others for heavy load while they can all use different power sources such as gas, electric or petrol. They are extremely easy to use, with the customer simply attaching the portable wood chipper onto the back of a car or tractor.

Companies that Manufacture Portable Wood Chippers

Fortunately, many companies have seen an opening in the market for portable wood chippers and now manufacture this piece of machinery. This means that the consumer not only has a large range to choose from, but it has also resulted in the prices being extremely competitive. At the moment, the following five companies can be credited as being some of the leading players in the portable wood chipper market:

  • Doppstadt
  • Champion
  • Eliet
  • Orange Plant
  • Vermeer

It is worth mentioning that many companies don’t actually market their products as being portable wood chippers. Instead, they fall under other categories such as PTO wood chippers and even heavy duty models. This is information that should be noted while looking for a place to purchase a portable wood chipper.

Featured Product: Eliet Major

To give a better idea of what a portable wood chipper offers, this information regarding the Eliet Major should help. This product is extremely small and could only be used on minor jobs, yet it is completely portable with the wheels allowing for easy movement. It also benefits from the following features:

  • 9HP Honda engine
  • The ability to chip wood up to two inches in diameter
  • Only twenty three inches wide in size, meaning that it is fully portable and can be taken into buildings

While many portable wood chippers offer much more power, this particular product highlights how the smaller machines can even be transported by hand.

Portable Wood Chipper Prices

It is very difficult to suggest an average price for portable wood chippers, as this mainly depends on the specifications. Some portable chippers can cost tens of thousands of pounds, yet others will retail for several hundred. As with everything in the wood chipper market, the customer must first identify their needs as the prices vary immensely.

Portable Wood Chipper Summary

In conclusion, it is very easy to acquire a portable wood chipper as the majority of companies in the industry are manufacturing them. What’s more, there are so many varieties available meaning that every user is catered for, although consumers may have to search around for more specific types of machine to find one that matches their exact requirements. Another benefit is that as portable machines are fairly small, it is very easy to purchase second hand ones for discount prices.