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Leaf Shredder Wood Chipper

The leaf shredder wood chipper machine is becoming increasingly popular, with many individuals looking to purchase such an item with the basic aim of tidying up their garden. In comparison with other types of products in the industry, the leaf shredder wood chipper is extremely cheap and will satisfy every need of the basic residential consumer. As the name suggests, they are used simply for shredding leafs and small pieces of wood, giving the home owner a much easier life in relation to their garden.

Many individuals look to purchase a leaf shredder wood chipper in the autumn, where the quantity of leafs on the ground can make any garden look extremely unattractive. Using one of these chipper machines, an individual can not only collect the leaves and small wood chips, but they can also chip them into such small, manageable pieces that they can easily be transported away.

Companies that Manufacture the Leaf Shredder Wood Chipper

The market for leaf shredder wood chippers is relatively large and this is probably because the machine is completely suitable and affordable to many residential customers. For this reason, it is not hard to find a manufacturer and the majority of companies in the industry supply this type of machinery. What’s more, as the device is so suitable for the average consumer, it is very easy to purchase a leaf shredder wood chipper from a standard DIY or garden store. At the moment, the following companies can be classed as some of the largest manufacturers of the machine:

  • Patriot
  • GudCraft
  • Renegade
  • Komate
  • Flowtron

Out of the above, there is no doubt that Patriot dominates the market with many products that fit the leaf shredder wood chipper sector. It’s also worth mentioning that all of these manufacturers make different types of machines, with some developing them with gas engines and others using electric as a power source.

Featured Product: Patriot Products CSV-2515

With Patriot appearing to dominate this sector of the market, the featured product will be based on one of their most popular items. The model is renowned as being one of the best on the market and has won numerous awards from magazines. It benefits from the following feature set:

  • The ability to shred leaves and chip wood up to 2.5 inches in diameter
  • It uses electric to function, meaning that it is more environmentally friendly
  • Easily transportable
  • Weighs less than 100 pounds
  • Comes with a two year warranty

Leaf Shredder Wood Chipper Summary

While a lot of the wood chipper market focuses on businesses and those individuals who require a machine for frequent use, the devices that include a leaf shredder are certainly more appealing to the general consumer. Patriot are seen as one of the most established manufacturers in the industry and with that, their prices are slightly expensive and one could pay around £600 for one of their basic leaf shredder wood chippers. However, in general the machines are reasonably priced and after shopping around, an individual can purchase a leaf shredder wood chipper for as low as £230.