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Industrial Wood Chipper

With the wood chipper industry being so saturated, it is no surprise that various manufacturers have developed industrial wood chippers. As the name suggests, these machines are designed for large jobs and are significantly bigger than the standard product. The scale of the machine not only means that they are a very expensive piece of equipment, but anybody who would like to purchase one also requires to have large premises to store the machine.

Companies that Manufacture Industrial Wood Chippers

Due to the large nature of industrial wood chippers, there are many companies in the field who don’t actually manufacture them. However, various companies have decided to enter into this section of the market with some of the big players being:

  • Morbark
  • Rivim Engineering
  • GreenMech
  • Jinma
  • McCulloch

These companies are based all around the world, with some in China and others in South Africa for example. However, all of them make their products available to the majority of countries, meaning that UK customers are able to place an order and get the item shipped in. In comparison to other types of wood chippers, industrial products are only made by a small number of manufacturers and this is the reason it is harder to purchase British items.

Featured Product: RV125 Industrial Wood Chipper by Rivim Engineering

A lot of industrial wood chippers are very big in size, yet the RV125 goes against this trend by being an industrial product that is entirely portable. Despite its size, Rivim boast that their product is still extremely strong and has the ability to cut through logs that are six inches thick. For a small industrial product the RV125 also possesses many other impressive features, including:

  • A drum diameter of 500mm
  • An opening size that reads 910x430mm
  • A throat size that reads 254x200mm
  • Benefits from a diesel engine
  • An electric motor can be installed on request
  • The discharge flute has 360 degree swivel

Industrial Wood Chipper Prices

The price of an industrial wood chipper can vary greatly, with some starting from several hundred pounds while others can cost well over £4,000. For those that are operating on a budget, eBay regularly features industrial wood chippers and these can be purchased for significantly less than the market value. Of course, there is always the risk that these types of product will not have guarantees and for this reason, certain companies may prefer to liaise directly with the manufacturer.

Industrial Wood Chipper Summary

In conclusion, industrial wood chippers are not as common as regular machines as they are slightly more advanced and usually cost much more to manufacture. However, there are still many companies out there who make the machines although customers may have to shop abroad to find the right model. Alternatively, there are many second hand devices that can be found on marketplaces and those operating on a budget may wish to consider them. Otherwise, their industrial wood chipper could cost thousands of pounds to purchase.