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Types Of Wood Chipper

The wood chipper industry has grown enormously in recent years, with companies constantly releasing new lines of product to satisfy the needs of different clients. It wasn’t too long ago that wood chippers were only suitable for large businesses due to their size and expense yet nowadays, advances in technology have allowed smaller and more affordable products to be released. This means that there are many different markets in the industry, with commercial and residential customers now both being able to benefit from the wood chipper machine. This article will examine a whole array of different types of wood chipper, with the aim of educating just how open the industry has now become.

Petrol Models

Petrol wood chippers are seen as some of the more powerful machines, with the fuel allowing the device to chip even the thickest pieces of wood in large quantities. There are concerns as to the noise, pollution and efficiency with these machines, but in general this type of wood chipper will be seen in a commercial or industrial environment.

Diesel Models

The diesel type of wood chipper will be similarly seen in the commercial or industrial workplace. These machines are generally more expensive than the petrol models, which is simply due to their better efficiency with fuel. However, they still suffer with the noise and pollution issues that hinder the petrol models.

Electric Models

In comparison with the other types of wood chipper that have been discussed, the electric machines solve the problems of noise, pollution and efficiency. With that being said, they do not possess the same power due to the lack of fuel and users will also have to find an electrical outlet whenever they need to use one. However, for most people this will not be a problem and this is the reason these machines are becoming more popular.

PTO Models

Many farmers are turning to the PTO type of wood chipper. This involves the machine being powered by a tractor, which obviously solves several of the problems posed by those machines that are powered by electric and fuel. It also allows the machine to be completely portable.

Leaf Shredder Models

Some manufacturers have opted to create machines that combine the wood chipper and a leaf shredder. These are becoming increasingly popular in the smaller models which target the residential sector as it certainly simplifies the job of tidying a garden.

Commercial Models

Many of the commercial types of wood chipper are large and designed with the aim of processing major jobs. They will generally use the diesel or petrol sources of fuel as described above, as these provide maximum power. In general, they cost a lot of money to purchase with some retailing for tens of thousands of pounds.

Small Models

In contrast to the commercial type of wood chipper, many companies also have a range of smaller wood chippers. These are primarily targeted at the residential user who just requires a wood chipper for minor jobs. The machines with smaller feature sets usually retail for less than £250, making them completely affordable.