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Heavy Duty Wood Chipper

The heavy duty wood chipper is another large part of the wood chipper industry. As the name suggests, this machine deals with large scale jobs that require a lot of power. Unsurprisingly, the cost of this type of chipper is exceptionally high and for this reason it is only usually professionals who purchase such an item. Some heavy duty models are of such great size that they are attached to the back of a tractor, while others are simply large machines that stay stationary through the work.

Companies that Manufacture Heavy Duty Wood Chippers

As the field of heavy duty wood chippers is relatively small in comparison with other sectors of the market, the supply of these devices is a little more restricted. However, various companies do specialise in heavy duty machines, while some of the more established manufacturers also hold these products in their range. The following manufacturers have experience in the development of heavy duty wood chippers:

  • NorthStar
  • MerryMac
  • Stanley
  • Troy-Bilt
  • NorTrac

Featured Product: NorthStar Brush Chipper

NorthStar are one company who manufacture some heavy duty wood chippers to attach onto the back of a tractor, with the Brush Chipper falling into this category. The machine is fully portable and considering its enormous size, this is absolutely vital. The Brush Chipper is designed for intense wood chipping and it is marketed with a superb array of features:

  • An extremely powerful mechanism that allows wood up to six inches in thickness to be chipped
  • The inclusion of “Smart Feed” technology which minimises the risk of the machine clogging
  • The machine can be used while travelling forwards, backwards or being stationary
  • The manufacturers provide a two year warranty on both parts and labour for the machine

Heavy Duty Wood Chipper Prices

Considering the enormous size of some heavy duty machines, these types of wood chippers retail for very high prices that limit the market significantly. For example, the NorthStar Brush Chipper that was mentioned above costs almost £10,000, which means that only a select few individuals and companies would be able to purchase such an item. On the flip side, some of the less advanced models can be purchased for around £1,000, but these are much smaller in size and significantly less powerful. Considering the high cost, it is very difficult to purchase such items at online marketplaces and the most advised method of purchase is directly from a manufacturer, or from an agricultural auction if one can be located.

Heavy Duty Wood Chipper Summary

It is clear from the article that heavy duty wood chippers are only suitable for those that require large pieces of wood to be chipped in high quantities. In comparison with other types of chippers, the cost of a heavy duty machine is astronomical and the vast majority of customers will probably look to hire one rather than shell out the thousands of pounds for a direct purchase. What’s more, they are often extremely large in size and users must also find a safe and secure place to store them.