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Fallout 3 Wood Chipper

Fallout 3 is one of the most popular video games and many gamers have been surprised to see a wood chipper involved in the game. While there are many types of different weapons and objects in the game, the Fallout 3 wood chipper does not appear to have any definite use which has caused utter confusion on various Fallout 3 internet forums.

Even more surprising is the worth of the object. In Fallout 3 terms, it is the heaviest object on the game with a weight of 50 and a value of 25. Bearing this in mind, it’s thought that the developers of Fallout 3 included the object at the very start and decided that there was no use for it later on in development.

Where can the Fallout 3 Wood Chipper be found?

To make the situation more bizarre, the developers have included many different locations as to where the wood chipper can be found. Gamers have discovered many different locations, with the following being some of the most common:

  • Users have found that the wood chipper can be purchased from a variety of stores in the game, with Crazy Wolfgang’s caravan, Michael Masters, the Meresti Metro Station, Megaton, Knick Knack and Seagrave Holmes all being known to have the item in stock during various points
  • There is sometimes the chance to find the wood chipper in Grandma Sparkle’s fridge
  • If gamers can progress past the locked door in the Bomb Storage at Fort Constantine they should find one
  • The chipper can almost always be found near a pile of dead bodies at Deathclaw Sanctuary
  • Many gamers have found the wood chipper at various pre-war areas such as Minefield
  • The chipper has been located by the water at Point Lookout on past occasions
  • Vault 106 usually houses the wood chipper

The Wood Chipper in Other Fallout Games

While one would assume that the inclusion of the wood chipper in Fallout 3 was a mistake, the situation becomes even more bizarre when other games in the series also include the machine:

  • Broken Steel – There is just one place that has been found in this game, with users discovering the wood chipper in the Adams Air Force Base.
  • Fallout: New Vegas – The developers have included the machine at several places in this version of the game. Old Lady Gibson, Cliff Briscoe and Blake have all been known to sell it, while gamers have also discovered it at Brewer’s Beer Bootlegging and Gibson’s Shack.
  • Point Lookout – There are just two known places in this game, with Point Lookout supposedly housing both locations.

Fallout 3 Wood Chipper Summary

In summary, the inclusion of the wood chipper in Fallout 3 is something of a mystery. There is speculation suggesting that the original idea was to use the machine as part of the Rock-It Launcher but the developers have never confirmed this and are never likely to release any further information to quash the rumours.