Using your wood chippers was easy, safe, but most importantly, efficient. I used to have an actual forest in my back garden, I don't anymore! Thanks for everything!

Diesel Wood Chipper

Just like petrol models, the diesel wood chipper is an extremely powerful device that can make even the largest wood chipping jobs appear simple. The obvious comparison to the petrol wood chipper is the efficiency of the diesel wood chipper, with diesel proving to be much cheaper to run. Still, while diesel is undoubtedly the more efficient fuel, consumers must first weigh up if they actually require a wood chipper that utilises this fuel. In general, they are much more expensive machines and while they do possess considerably more power than electric versions for example, they are probably only suitable for those companies or individuals that need to make frequent use of a wood chipper.

Companies that Manufacture the Diesel Wood Chipper

Unsurprisingly, the majority of companies that specialise in petrol models also produce diesel wood chippers. Even though many of these manufacturers are starting to slide away from petrol and diesel devices due to the cost and environmental pressure, it is still very easy to locate a supplier. The following manufacturers are some of the most established companies that produce diesel wood chippers:

  • Patriot
  • GreenMech
  • Morbark
  • Field Chief
  • Daramdale

Featured Product: GreenMech Aborist 15-23

This featured product by GreenMech perhaps gives an idea of just how powerful diesel wood chippers are. It possesses 34hp meaning that it can combat the thickest of wood, while it also contains features which still make it a highly portable device. Other benefits to the Aborist 15-23 include:

  • A fuel capacity of 30 litres
  • Parts of the device fold to make storage much easier
  • The ability to chip wood of a maximum size of 6 x 9 inches
  • A motor speed of 2400rpm

Diesel Wood Chipper Prices

For those consumers that require a powerful machine, it will not come as a surprise to hear that diesel wood chippers are quite expensive in comparison with other models. With diesel being so desirable, a decent model in this range is likely to cost an individual several thousand pounds although fortunately, there are many second hand models available from various sources. Online marketplaces such as eBay regularly feature diesel wood chippers, while agricultural auctions will also have many available as a lot of users are opting to switch to even more efficient machines such as electric or PTO. Alternatively, for those users who wish to buy a smaller model, these are likely to cost around £1,000 or slightly less depending on the feature set.

Diesel Wood Chipper Summary

In summary, just like petrol models, diesel wood chippers possess a considerable amount of power. Bearing this in mind, they are only likely to be suitable for those users who require a wood chipper for large and frequent jobs. For these users, the diesel wood chipper will act as a superb machine with its efficiency meaning that it will be exceptionally good value for money. While it may cost a large amount of money to purchase at first, the diesel engine will make this type of chipper ideal for certain consumers.